About Us

About Us

Gorplast Plastic Mould San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. In 2012, it was established in Istanbul topçular district under the name of Görteks Kalıp in an area of 100 square meters, our company was renewed with its experience in the sector and the projects it has done and as of 2019, it started to manufacture moulds and plastic production in a closed area of 850 square meters in Bayrampaşa Maltepe. In 2019, our company Gorplast Plastic Mould San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. continues its services in its new location by taking its name

About Us

Our company is able to respond to the needs of its customers at every stage by producing high quality long -lasting moulds with the least error with professional programs such as solidworks, mastercam cad / cam in all stages of design manufacturing, testing and evaluation.

Service Policy

we have taken our place among the leading companies in the sector with high technology,expert staff,short production times and effective AR- GE studies in the field of plastic injection mould production and mannufacturing.

Quality Control

The mould parts produced at each stage of production are sent to the quality control unit for critical measurements and verification.the complete parts are meticulously assembled by our assembly.

High Performance

Gorplast, which carries out the trail processes of the plastic injection moulds it has made with its own injection machines, offers its business partners a number of 1.000.0000 prints or a warranty period of up to1 year for the moulds its produces.


For an error-free and fast mass production process, we provide service with our Machinery-Holder-Tool precision machinery and equipment.By providing dimensional precision,we process in a way to minimise EDM and lapping processes after CNC prcess. in addition ,in our CNC department ,jigs, fixtures and special machine parts are also produced with narrow tolerances in line with customer requests.


Precise and fast operations are carried out in our plunge erosion machines where we use quick clamping systems. Operations carried out with EDM Erosion Technology are operations where precision is experienced at a high level, such as moulds, fixtures and apparatus. The operations carried out with EDM Erosion Technology consist of operations performed with Helical Wire Erosion Machines, Plunge Erosion Machines and Rapid Hole Drilling Machines.since the precision is at micron (0.001 mm) level, the performance and processing precision of the EDM machines used are at high levels.

Mould Shop

With our conventional machines and experienced mould shop employees, the mould elements are lapped and the moulds are made ready for mass production after trial pirinting and customer approval.

Surface Cleaning

High visual and dimensional precision is ensured by focusing on the polishing process, which is the last stage of mould manufacturing.

Triall and Mass Production
3D Solid Modelling and Design

Gorplast plastic mould san. tic. ltd. şti. all of the designs of our projects are made by expert in moulds with 2D and 3D (solidworks,mastercam) programs. designs are made according to european mould standards.working system of the mould;injection,runner,cooling,ejector, core and moving parts are shaped by taking the opinion and approval of our customers.

CAE & Simulation Analysis

After the product and mould are designed, they are first tested in computer environment with software such as solidworks.mastercam filling -flow analyses are performed on parts that may pose a risk and necessary improvements are made at the design stage.

Trial and Mass Production (T1-T2 printing)

Trialing: After the mould production is completed, T1 prints are taken in our injection moulding to test the moulds.the results obtained are shared with the customer and T2 prints are taken if necessary.All parts are shipped to the customer after the serial number registration process is completed.